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As one of the pioneer companies in the food processing industry in Vietnam today, Minh Trung Co. next business operations are concerned, focus on brand promotion activities, create competitiveness in the consumer market in the country.

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In order to better serve the growing needs of our customers, Minh Trung Co. deployed home delivery service - customer service in Hanoi, HCMC provinces and cities across the country

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Minh Trung Co., Ltd is a reputable company,have huge trust at Vietnam in the field of import and export, food production and processing of agricultural and forestry products after harvest. The company have many of experienced staffs ...

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Minh Trung Factory
Add: Luong Son industry park - Hoa Son - Luong Son - Hoa Binh
Tel: 0218. 382 6676 - Fax: 0218. 382 6416
Minh Trung Company Limited
Số 2 - Ngô Gia Tự - Phường Trần Phú - Tp. Bắc Giang
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